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SOMERSET: AA Hwy 27 Light #17 (Redeemer Lutheran Church) Sun. 5pm, Fri. 7pm

                      AA 119 Jacksboro Street (AA Gratitude House) Sun. 8pm, Mon. 12pm, Mon. 6pm, Tues. 12pm, Wed 12pm, Thurs. 6pm, Fri. 12pm

                      AA 203 South Central Ave. (St. Mildred's Catholic Church) Mon. 8pm, Thurs. 8pm

                      AA 274 Old Monticello Rd. (Beacon Hill Baptist Church) Tues. 7:30pm

                      AA 305 Langdon Street (Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital) Wed. 6pm

                      AA 200 N. Vine Street (First Presbyterian Church) Sat. 8pm

                      NA 1115 North Hwy 39 (First Christian Church) Mon. 7:30pm, Tues. 7:30pm, Wed. 7:30pm, Thurs. 7:30pm, Fri. 7:30pm

LEXINGTON: A.A. Website Addresses:

                      Open Door Church Sat. 8:00pm

                      Good Orderly Directions Sun. 12:00pm

                      Veterans Administration Medical Center Fri. 8:00pm

                      Imani Missionary Baptist Church Wed. 6:00pm

                      Shilo Baptist Church Thurs. 6:00pm

                      Bethel Outreach Center Sun 6:30pm

                      Central Christian Church Wed. 7:00pm

                      Word of Hope Church Mon. 7:30pm

                      Clean Today Wed. 8:00pm

                      Serenity Apartment Commons Building Sat.12:00pm

                      Arlington Christian Church Fri. 7:30pm

                      Schwartz Center Sun. 1:00pm

                      Womens Hope Center Wed. 6:00pm

                      Lafayette Christian Church Fri. 6:00pm

                      Ridge Behavioral Health System Sun. 8:00pm

                      Hope Center Sun. 4:00pm

                      Shepherds House Sun 6:00pm

                      Rosemont Baptist Church Tues. 6:00pm

                      Calvary Baptist Church Tues. 12:00pm

                      Hunter Presbyterian Church Thurs. 7:30pm

                      Saint James Apartments Tues. 12:00pm

                      Saint Michaels Episcopal Church Tues. 8:00pm

                      Greater Liberty Baptist Church Sun. 6:00pm

                      Victory Christian Church Wed. 8:00pm

                      UK Newman Center Mon. 10:30am 

                      Intergroup e-mail: [email protected]

                      (GSO) General Service Office, NY:

                      The A.A. Grapevine (Magazine): (

                      Kentucky A.A. Meetings & Information: (


LONDON: AA Notting Hill Beginners Chips (one floor above Charlie's Cafe) Wednesday 7:30pm

                  NA 105 South Broad Street (Judicial Annex Building) Sun. 2pm, Tues. 7:30pm, Wed.12pm, Thurs. 7:30pm, Sat. 7:30p

                  NA 168 Howard Rd (Sue Bennett College Center) Sun 2pm, Mon 8pm, Tues. 8pm, Thurs, 8pm, Fri.8pm, Sat. 5p

                  NA 510 East Cumberland Gap Parkway (Parkway Church of God) Mon. 6pm, Wed. 6pm, Thurs. 6pm, Fri. 6pm

                  NA 610 American Greeting Card Rd (Crossroads Treatment Center)- Tues. 8pm. Sun. 8pm, Mon 8pm, Thurs. 8pm, Fri. 8pm, Sat. 8p

                  NA 25 East High Street (Parkway Church of God) Wed. 6pm, Fri. 6pm, Mon. 6pm,

                  NA Highway 25 (Parkway Baptist Church) Sat. 6pm, Thurs. 7:30pm,

                  NA Island Creek (Pin Hook School) Wed. 6pm

                  NA 118 Paynes Creek Rd (Scalf Chapel Church) Thurs. 6:30pm, Tues. 6:30pm

                  NA 525 Williams Street (Our Lady of Mount Vernon) Thurs. 8pm

                  NA 115 First St (McKee Reform Church) Fri. 8pm

                  NA 191 Boulevard of Champions Rd (Whitley County High School) Thurs. 7pm



                  150 Turner St. (Over My Head) 606-451-8859

                  Living Bread Soup Kitchen (The Mission) 6pm on Friday


                  536 W 3rd St. (Mash Drop Inn) 859-254-2501

                  536 W 3rd St. (Metro Group Homes) 859-252-3126

                  Street Outreach Safe Place 859-253-1051


                  4500 Hwy 30 W (Barnabas Home) 606-364-3640

                  220 E 4th St. (Christ Centered Assistance) 606-330-0785



                  204 Shopville Road (Fellowship United Methodist Church) Every Friday night. Large Group- 6:35pm Small Group- 7:35pm Free meal provided at 6pm.

provided at 6pm.

Highstreet Baptist Church: Every Thursday at 6pm

Ferguson School House: Every Thursday at 6pm

First Baptist Church of East Bernstadt: Every Thursday at 6pm